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Dear All,

More than a year has come and gone since I arrived in Hong Kong, to conduct the daily affairs of Finemetal Asia here. 'Tempus fugit', as the Romans used to say, and: Boy, were they right! Time does fly.

A lot has happened over the past months. A tremendous amount, actually. After an initial startup phase over the summer months of 2013, all started to big fanfare and pomp with the signing ceremony at the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society on 24 September 2013: we were the first international member upon invitation. Yeah! We made it!!
Or had we....? Well, it was the first, and an important, step in what was to become our continuing journey from success to success....
We commenced trading 999.9 Gold Kilobars and proved to the market our ability to deliver to the Hong Kong market highest quality precious metals in significant quantity. We were, and remain, and will remain, a significant liquidity provider to the Hong Kong gold market.
Following, we diversified into supplying the market with our minted gold and silver coins, which have been received rather well, locally and regionally. As of January 2014 we saw more and more gold coin projects as joint projects with other market players materialize, with many more to follow over the coming months - some of which are groundbreaking and have received their fair share of media attention.
Rounding off our offer to the Hong Kong market, we introduced minted 999.9 gold bars with
Kinegram security features from 1g to 100g as well as cast 999.9 gold bars in 100g, 250g and 500g - it is not without pride that we can say that many of these products are only available from us! We now also offer silver, platinum and palladium from our local inventory and, although slow to take off, have witnessed growing interest and demand for these product lines.

And finally: I have been invited by the Chinese University of Hong Kong to give presentations to their members on gold trading - so we truly have eclipsed the narrow confines of our existing office, for good. In short: we now truly boast the full range of precious metals products, some exclusively available through Finemetal Asia, and a steady and ever expanding customer base, locally and regionally: trades of our precious metals products with Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan and Indonesia based customers are now no more a 'to-do point' on a whiteboard, but reality.

Hence the next step on our continuing journey: a new abode

As of 1 October 2014 we are relocating our office. We are moving into a larger office, with a nicer view, closer to the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society and, last but certainly not least, 'bunking' with friends: Chancellor Group - our first customer in Hong Kong, once for
21/F EIB Centre, 40-44 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Kilobars, and once for custom minted coins. Such projects forge partnerships. As we have,
indeed, with a number of other partners here in Hong Kong.
But please rest assured that it is business as usual and there will be no interruptions due to the
transition: we are as keen as ever to sell our gold, every single day.

So for those of you who need our physical address, here it is:
Finemetal Asia Ltd.,
21/F, EIB Centre
40-44 Bonham Strand
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Looking ahead into the future, I cannot say many things with certainty - especially can I not
predict the gold price, as I am asked so often to do. But two things I see very clearly:
First of all, there will be a house warming party in our new office. Invitations will be emailed
separately later, and I am hoping for a record breaking turnout. And secondly, we want to
continue to grow together with you, in the spirit of straight forwardness, cooperation and
fairness we have shown from Day 1. Opportunities are rife in this Asian metropolis, ladies and gentlemen, all we need to do is take them.

All the best to you all,


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  • HELVETIA Gold Ounce


    The HELVETIA Gold Ounce is a classic 999.9 pure gold circular bar in Good Delivery quality. The HELVETIA Gold Ounce is minted in Switzerland by Argor Heraeus and meets the highest global quality standards. Its authenticity is guaranteed by a certificate.

    Buy: 9'231.80Sell: 9'771.60

    * Prices are in HKD.

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    ISIN number: CH0116674273 Minimum order quantity: 500 pieces

  • HELVETIA Silver Ounce


    With the HELVETIA Silver Ounce 999 we offer a favorable investment in small units.

    Buy: 143.70Sell: 166.45

    * Prices are in HKD.

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    ISIN number: CH0116674372 Minimum order quantity: 500 pieces

  • Finemetal China Gold Tael


    Round Bullion with Kinegram!

    The Finemetal Tael (37.5g, 999.9) is the first gold round bullion ever with a kinegram on its back side to prevent forgery.

    Buy: 11'130.35Sell: 11'786.70

    * Prices are in HKD.

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    ISIN number: CH0137503303 Minimum order quantity: 500 pieces

  • 1/5 HELVETIA Gold Ounce


    Finemetal Asia launched the 1/5 HELVETIA Gold Ounce 999.9 and offers its clients the possibility to invest in gold in small amounts at a comparatively low surcharge on the material value.The 1/5 HELVETIA Gold Ounce 999.9 is minted in Switzerland by Argor-Heraeus and meets the highest global quality standards

    Buy: 1'846.40Sell: 2'047.40

    * Prices are in HKD.

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    ISIN number: CH0142434403 Minimum order quantity: 500 pieces