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Why Gold by Finemetal Asia

Why invest in Gold?

It is generally advisable to diversify assets in order to minimize risk of loss. There are five established reasons for people to invest into physical precious metals, mainly gold and silver:

(a)    High demand: take advantage of a very secure, tangible and fungible commodity where demand usually is higher than supply

(b)   Inflation: it is well established that gold and silver act as inflation hedge, i.e. protects the owner against the devaluation of assets due to inflation and exchange rate fluctuations

(c)    Diversification: diversification of investment assets minimizes risk of overall loss

(d)   Wealth preservation: preserve individual or family wealth over generations, independent of the financial system or governments

(e)    Asset protection: Gold and Silver offer protection of wealth in unstable times of unrest and crisis.

Gold and Silver in physical form makes the investor independent of any financial system or government in the sense that is can be traded anywhere, anytime at the convenience of the investor. Physical Gold and Silver does not depend on a bank for clearance or trading, and does not bear any counter-party risk as even a gold account (so called Papergold) inherently has. Physical Gold and Silver is viewed as an international currency.

Apart from the above reasons to invest in Gold from a strategic perspective, Finemetal Asia believe that an investment into Gold is a very sound investment due to the following reasons:

i.            Solidity: an investment into Gold is into something solid. Gold, unlike money, which can be printed at the whim of any central bank, needs to be found, mined, refined and cast into bars before it can be circulated. Gold is a finite resource, the scarcity of which and the properties of which have made it into “Real Money” for millennia.

ii.            Fungibility: Gold is fungible and therefore trading, as well as comparing prices, is very easy. It is standardized in terms of units (troy ounces) and in terms of quality (LBMA good delivery standard) for purity, on an international level.

iii.            Transferability: Gold is easily transferable, by transporting it and/or passing possession of it from A to B. As a dense material, a Gold bar is not very large in terms of size, and especially Gold coins and medals as well as investment jewelry can be easily transported.

iv.            International: Gold is truly international. No matter where in the world you are, Gold is instantly recognizable and convertible. The standards set in the Gold industry are worldwide. The spot price for Gold is set in London, and also is accepted internationally as the benchmark price of 1 ounce of Gold.

v.            Privacy: Gold provides its owner with privacy. Gold is not stored in electronic form in an account, but rather in physical form in a safe location. Nobody, apart from the owner, needs to be aware of its existence, and any transfer is handled discreetly.

vi.            Independence: Physical Gold provides the only fungible, transferable and “easy to use” form of investment that is completely independent from the financial industry. A bank is not needed to store the gold, nor is a bank necessary for acquiring or disposing of gold. This provides the owners of gold with an independence from the stability (or instability) of the financial system.


Why Gold from Finemetal Asia?

Amongst all the providers of precious metals products in Hong Kong and Asia, only Finemetal Asia can provide the following:

  • Guaranteed constant supply by one of the world’s leading Swiss based refiners of precious metals, Argor Heraeus SA
  • All our products are officially certified LBMA good delivery standard, ensuring international acceptance
  • Our products have been tested by the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society in Hong Kong (CGSE)
  • 100% counterfeit security: our products optionally come with the KINEGRAM technology which ensures 100% fraud protection
  • ISIN: our round-bars (coins) have Swiss ISIN enabling depository with depository banks
  • Privately owned and operated high security storage facilities in safe jurisdiction available
  • All major currencies accepted for trading



As agreed with the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society, Hong Kong, Finemetal Asia acts as liquidity provider to the local market. Together with our partner, the LBMA good delivery standard refinery Argor Heraeus, we maintain an inventory of Gold Kilobars in Hong Kong and can transact at market prices even on same day delivery basis.
Please refer to the “Documents” tab in the “Press & Info” section of our website to learn more about our cooperation with Argor Heraeus SA, our various membership agreements as well as our trading procedures.


Helvetia Gold Ounce

Our objective is to offer investors, who intend to invest into physical precious metals, the most attractive prices for small units. The most commonly traded small unit is 1 Ounce of Gold, for example in form of the 1 Ounce Maple Leaf or Krugerrand Coin.

With our real time comparison chart below, we are able to present to our investors a direct review of how much more gold he or she gets for their money when acquiring our Helvetia 999.9 Gold Ounce in comparison to other well-known gold bullion coins.
Please note: our Helvetia Gold Ounce not only is produced by the LBMA good delivery refinery Argor Heraeus and bears its hallmark, thereby making it acceptable worldwide, it also has an ISIN, which means the Helvetia Gold Ounce as well as our China Gold TAEL and Helvetia 1/5 Gold Ounce may be custodized with custodian banks.


Buy: 13'759.05 HKD
Sell: 14'605.15 HKD

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