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Why Silver by Finemetal Asia

Why Silver from Finemetal Asia

Our objective is to offer investors, who intend to invest into physical precious metals, the most attractive prices for small units. The most commonly traded small unit is 1 Ounce of Silver, for example in form of the 1 Ounce Silver Panda.

With our real time comparison chart, we are able to present to our investors a direct review of how much more silver he or she gets for their money when acquiring our Helvetia 999.9 Silver Ounce in comparison to other well-known silver bullion coins.

Interesting facts about Silver:

With the chemical symbol Ag and atomic number 47, Silver means “money” in fourteen different languages. Its mining began 5000 years ago in the area where modern day Turkey lies.
Through time, mining zones shifted from Southern to Central and Eastern Europe, but the discovery of the New World, where 85% of the worldwide supply is located, rapidly reinvented Silver’s importance in the global market. After all, where else do we find names such as “Rio de la Plata” and “Argentina”?
Today. yearly global mine production averages 671 million Troy ounces.

One of the unique features of Silver is that it was, and sometimes still is, used in everyday household items and in photography.

Many may think of silver in terms of coins or jewelry, but, besides antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, it also possesses three “maximum properties”, which are: electrical conductivity (62 x 106A / V x m), thermal conductivity (429 W / m x K) and reflectivity (99.5%).

For its superior qualities Silver is used in many applications in electric, electronic, technical and medical equipment.

(Source: Argor Heraeus SA)


Buy: 149.15 CNY

Sell: 172.75 CNY

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